Tuesday, August 5, 2008

080508 Hocking Hills camping trip (0726-072708)

These two shots are from my amazing husband- Nicholas Viltrakis (http://www.nicholasviltrakis.blogspot.com/). Each year a group of our friends goes camping. This year we visitied the Hocking Hills region in central Ohio and it is awe inspiring. The whole place was filled with caves, gorges, waterfalls, and huge rock formations. Go check it out if you like nature and haven't seen this place!

Here I am in the obligatory campfire/flashlight shot... To set the mood.
Here was our campfire.... Nicholas has been toying with long exposures. The flashes you see are from his speedlight. He ran around the group flashing in the 13 sec it took to expose this image. Neat huh?

These photographs below were taken by me with my trusty purse camera the Canon SD1000. You can see the big difference in exposure when shooting with a point and shoot seen vs. an SLR right here. I miss my big camera big time! I'm so excited to upgrade- I'm getting Nicholas' 30D and he gets the 40D as soon as it arrives.
Here is Nicholas...
This is Jenny, Marshall, and Nicholas in Ash Cave.

There is a waterfall (tiny) right in the center and the sandstone is so soft you could carve it with your fingernail...

Looking up from around the campfire.

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Beatrice said...

Great pics! Looks like you had a great time on your camping trip.