Tuesday, August 5, 2008

080508 The day my camera died (071808). RIP 20D

So I got the 'error 99' about 30 sec after my beautiful sister shot this wonderful image. It was a tragedy. My 20D would not stop snapping it's shutter. Even after it was turned off. The only way to stop the incessant snapping was to take out the battery. Nothing I could do worked to solve the issue. When we got home and checked some posts online we discovered it is a typical issue with the 20D. The shutter has a lifespan-and since mine was bought used from a prominent photographer (David Ziser http://www.digitalprotalk.blogspot.com/) we decided the camera was just suffering from old age. This error costs about $200 to fix so we decided to upgrade to the new 40D instead. If anyone is interested in a cheap broken 20D let me know!

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