Monday, February 25, 2008

LMHS Art clubbin'... Next trip is March 8, 2008

Krohn Conservatory this past fall... The light coming in the windows was illuminating the foreground and gave this exposure such rich tone...
Opposite colors- post op.
Pre photoshop
These were at the Krohn as well... I just like to take the club to inspirational venues and shows around town. We sketch, take photos, and take in the beauty that many students arent aware our city has to offer...
No favorites, I promise. This exposure was just so fresh, and her expression was priceless (and real)... Thanks Kiki.
These shots were taken at the Basilica in Covington KY. It is a quarter sized replica of the Notre Dam in Paris and has the 2nd largest stained glass window in North America. The architecture is breathtaking... I invited my photo students along after a unit on subject matter...

Super zoom with the telephoto 70-200mm lens.

It's been a cold month! Winter wonder...

Fire and Ice
This was taken at a stop light on my drive into work one cold morning... After 20 min. the windsheild was still icy- Brrr.
Im always a sucker for colored lights in the dark.

The night shots (first and last) were taken with a 30sec exposure... It was sleeting at the time so you can see it on the lens... I love the colored ambient light at the park on our street and always wanted to stop... The sleet was just the icing on my cake I wanted.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Spring Grove Cemetery... the obligatory graveyard shots...

Lo and behold- This is a fantastic location for portrait work. Beautiful landscaping (even in Feb.) and outstanding architecture!

I'm looking for a mood comparison between B&W vs. color. Im seeing creepy vs. majestic....


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Canon SD1000 Color Swap

It generates quite a bit of noise, but I really enjoy the abstract graphic effect it can exploit with little effort. There is a surprise in every shot.
This shirt was purple... I really like the way reflected colors are changed without bias.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

More Newport Aquarium photographs

Remember the film 'Naked Lunch'?
Mmmm lunch....
These were like giant pill bugs. They are the size of a human head. That red light was creeptacular. Thank you Nicholas for the invention of that word- it is one of my new favorites.

This guy was sooo happy looking. Reminded me of a muppet. Still makes me smile back.

They're like battle droids....

These birds were very friendly, but some were sick- note the bird in the back. It made me a little sad to see so many people getting their jollies while they ate till they hurt. Just wierd. Made for some lovely shots though. I feel a little dirty now... aw.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

We went to the Aquarium! Newport KY- 0208

I surprised my husband (I think) by taking him to the Newport Aquarium on Sat. It was crowded, but an optimal photographic challenge.