Monday, February 25, 2008

LMHS Art clubbin'... Next trip is March 8, 2008

Krohn Conservatory this past fall... The light coming in the windows was illuminating the foreground and gave this exposure such rich tone...
Opposite colors- post op.
Pre photoshop
These were at the Krohn as well... I just like to take the club to inspirational venues and shows around town. We sketch, take photos, and take in the beauty that many students arent aware our city has to offer...
No favorites, I promise. This exposure was just so fresh, and her expression was priceless (and real)... Thanks Kiki.
These shots were taken at the Basilica in Covington KY. It is a quarter sized replica of the Notre Dam in Paris and has the 2nd largest stained glass window in North America. The architecture is breathtaking... I invited my photo students along after a unit on subject matter...

Super zoom with the telephoto 70-200mm lens.

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