Monday, April 7, 2008

San Francisco art work

I wanted to show off a little bit of the public art in SF. It may be lame to photograph other's art but I'm not trying to pass this off as my work- I'm just trying to share and spread appreciation. Hey- not all of us get the chance to travel. I will post my photographic art a bit later... Check my flickr for that now.
The graffiti there is so more amazing than much of what Ive seen here in Cinci- probably because it draws respect from business owners and the public.

The Haight
American Graffiti- Karate Kid Mucha? I love the hair from the Art Nouveau movement... search that.
Ive seen his stuff at Scribble Jam- One amazing festival you should see here at home in Cincinnati.



Japanese Tea Garden

A walk in the park...

This one is from San Jose... Egyptian museum

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